This is how we make your team's work easier!

NTAK data service

Using our system, there is no need to do anything else, everything is done and calculated automatically. Thanks to the server-side operation, we even send the closed status without having to open the program.



This is a unique feature that ensures fast and stable operation. The operation of the POS program does not depend on fluctuations or termination of the Internet. For this reason, all clicks are immediate, and orders can also be handled in offline mode. The background synchronization does not hinder work processes and, thanks to the perfect optimization, the data is easily delivered to the server even with the smallest intermittent internet connection.

Management of delivery areas

Marking of delivery areas on the map, divided into zones. The individual delivery time, delivery fee, minimum cart value and many other useful settings can be set separately for each area.

Stock and food recipe

By uploading recipes, it is possible to track exactly which ingredients are consumed and how much there should be. From now on, 1 kg of cheese or 2 sticks of sausage will never disappear.

With the help of stock management, you can always record how much the raw materials cost and you can look back at how the prices have changed.

Supervision of employees

Employees' access is limited, everyone only has access to functions that correspond to their authority and are relevant to their job.

The performed actions and modifications are recorded for each user, thus helping to prevent possible abuse.

External portal integration

It takes an incredible amount of time to enter orders from different portals manually into the software. With us, you can use automatic order scanning for free with all major portals! What does that mean? No more wasted time and human error, all orders are automatically displayed to employees.

Integrated portals: Foodora, Wolt, Éhenhalok, Falatozz, VisitMe.


Couriers and courier settlement

Courier colleagues can be registered in the system. In the case of delivery, the name of the courier can be associated with the order, so at the end of the day, accurate statistics are available on who, when and what kind of food was delivered.

Settlement of courier payments based on delivered orders, address money and delivery fees. Processing and printing of automatic settlements.

Dine in service

Is a plain table list enough or do you need a more proper table map? You can set them up and use them free of charge in our system. If the arrangement of the tables changes due to an event, it can be easily adjusted either during work or before the event.

You can manage rooms separately, such as garden room, terrace area or inner hall. Set as you like, tailored to your restaurant. Even new waiters will not have a problem, as you will immediately see what and where it is located.

Fast service

A function that supports quick service at the counter for faster sales, as there is no need to browse tables, the process is completely different from that of waiter service. The seller quickly hits the items, prints the receipt and selects the payment method.

Cash register and tax printer connection

Get over NAV penalties! With our cash register connection, just one click and all data will be entered accurately. No human error, typos and a lot of wasted time. You can even choose whether you want it itemized or VAT broken down.


Supplier orders and customer database

Thanks to the free portal integration (Foodora, Wolt, Éhenhalok, Falatozz), you don't have to worry about entering external orders. In addition, taking orders by phone is lightning fast thanks to the customer database. Whether they are a repeat customer or a new customer, your database - which is invaluable - is constantly growing.

Multilingual POS and admin

The Orsys POS program and administration interface have been prepared in such a way that you can use them in several languages. You don't have to worry about collegues either, since everyone can set the appropriate language for themselves.


Running a restaurant without statistics is like driving a car blind. You may have an idea of ​​the direction, but you will never know where you are actually going. If you don't have the right statistics, you can't make informed, data-driven decisions. In the absence of statistics, the competition will overtake you in the corner, because they are already using our software.

In the Orsys software, 20 different graphs are available to help you manage your restaurant.