Solutions in Hospitality

Take a look at the solutions we offer for your catering unit to deal with everyday problems!

NTAK data reporting

Using our system, there is no need to do anything else, everything is done and calculated automatically. Thanks to the server-side operation, we even send the closed status without having to open the program.

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Restaurant, Bistro, Hamburger Restaurant

For fast-food restaurants, bistros and hamburger joints in places with low and high traffic. Fast training time and easy order recording, even in several locations at the same time. Create a table map so that even new waiters immediately know which table is located where.

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Pizza Restaurant, Meal Delivery

For pizzerias and restaurants with dine in and delivery, own or external couriers. Whether it's taking orders by phone or orders from external portals, you can manage everything simply in one place. With a transparent, clean surface.

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