Automatic NTAK data service

So that you no longer have to deal with NTAK.

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    Automatic data transfer
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    Daily closing and sending mandatory data
NTAK adatszolgáltatás története az Orsys éttermi szoftver adminisztrációs felületén

It's reliable and simple

All orders are automatically transferred to the NTAK system.

Speeds up work processes

Easy to use and fully automatic. The system forwards every order to NTAK 15 minutes after its completion. Only the mandatory data is sent!

At the end of the day, the system automatically compiles the closing date according to whether the restaurant was open or not. Therefore, our system will always send the correct data so that there are no complications.


Data transfer is completely automatic, no intervention is required. If you want to know exactly what data we transmit, then read the detailed information below.


Data is transmitted over a secure and encrypted channel, so unauthorized people cannot access it. You can keep your orders, statistics and all mandatory data safe.

No human error

There is no need to enter extra data manually, and there is no need to spend extra time on the NTAK service. All mandatory data is calculated by the system and then automatically transmitted in the background.

Scope of data

Exactly what data we send and when


Regarding order data, the primary thing to send is the ordered and consumed items. For items, the following data is transmitted:

  • Item name (Name used in POS)
  • Main and subcategories
  • Quantity, unit and size
  • Gross price, VAT percentage
  • All optional extras and toppings


In addition to the items, certain data of the order must also be forwarded to NTAK. The following will be sent:

  • Type of order (delivery or dine in
  • Order start and end time
  • Payment methods and value paid
  • Discount and tip given

Day closing and daily summary

It is mandatory to send to NTAK every day whether the restaurant was open or closed and, if it was open, how much traffic it generated. We send the following data every day after closing:

  • The restaurant was open or closed (no need to open the POS)
  • Daily traffic and its distribution
  • Number and type of orders

What they say about us

"Az indulás kicsit döcögött, de minden segítséget megkaptunk hogy legyőzzük a kezdeti nehézségeket! Maximálisan ajánlani tudom az ORSYS csapatát!"

A Haverom Burgerháza
Horányi Sándor

"Gyors és átlátható rendszer. Jól lehet vele dolgozni."

Népkerti falatozó
Hornyákné Beáta

"Great software at a great price. Fast technical support. Convenience of the establishment of products and recipes. I recommend!"

Bárom Bár
Fedchenko Maxim

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Que Pasta
Knoll Péter

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La Fermata Pizzéria
Czeilinger Ferenc

"Nagyobb és régebbi cégeket megszégyenítő módon törtetek be a piacra, ahol igazán van helyetek."

Faya Bakery
Soós Péter

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