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NTAK myth

#1 MYTH: NTAK compliance costs several million forints

Unfortunately, this misconception is very common among caterers due to the lack of proper information, but you don't have to worry about it. NTAK compliance does not require spending millions, a low monthly fee software capable of automatic data transfer and a mid-range tablet that runs the software is enough.

#2 MYTH: NTAK data transmission takes up to 2-3 hours a day

This is only true if you do not use restaurant software. However, with a good software like Orsys, you don't have to do anything extra and you don't have to deal with it for hours. When you pick up and place orders, the system automatically sends the necessary data to NTAK, so there is nothing else to do with it.

#3 MYTH: When the restaurant is closed, I still have to go in to start my software

The fact is that the closures must also be sent to NTAK, and there are cases when some software cannot send this without running the program. However, we have developed the Orsys system in such a way that it sends important data even when your POS machine does not work.

Contents of NTAK Ebook

  • What exactly is NTAK and which catering units does it apply to;
  • Who needs to register and who doesn't need to provide data;
  • When does the new regulation come into effect and how does it affect hospitality establishments;
  • What data must be forwarded to NTAK;
  • Special cases and their operation;
  • How a good restaurant software can help you with this;

Free NTAK Ebook

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