NTAK data service for hospitality establishments

From 2022, based on the new hungarian laws, all catering units must use restaurant software that transmits data to NTAK.

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NTAK adatszolgáltatás története az Orsys éttermi szoftver adminisztrációs felületén

What is NTAK?

According to the decision of the Hungarian Government, most catering units and attractions are required to transmit traffic and order data to the National Tourist Information Center (i.e. NTAK).

The laws state that these statistics will be used to develop the industry and reduce fraud, in addition, that NTAK can transmit data to NAV (National Tax and Customs) with many others.

In short, this means that you have to use a software that is approved by the government and is capable of transmitting data.

Introduction deadline

The time for the mandatory introduction of NTAK was determined by the government in relation to the sales revenue of the enterprises. For this reason, the deadline for introductions looks like this:

  • In the case of a net turnover of less than HUF 12 million: It is not mandatory to use NTAK,
  • Net turnover of HUF 12 and 100 million: mandatory from January 1, 2024,
  • Net turnover over HUF 100 million: mandatory from July 1, 2023

Government decree (in hungarian): Magyar Közlöny 2021. június 25. - 120. szám

Who is required to connect?

Based on the TEÁOR number, the government has indicated which catering establishments MUST transmit data. The detailed list:

  • restaurant, TEÁOR’08: 5610 – Restaurant, mobile hospitality;
  • buffet, TEÁOR’08: 5610 – Restaurant, mobile hospitality;
  • confectionery, TEÁOR’08: 5610 – Restaurant, mobile hospitality;
  • cafe, restaurant specializing in non-alcoholic drinks, TEÁOR’08: 5630 – Beverage service;
  • liquor store, bar, TEÁOR’08: 5630 – Beverage service;
  • music and dance club, TEÁOR’08: 5630 – Beverage service;
  • fast food, TEÁOR’08: 5610 – Restaurant, mobile hospitality;
  • occasional restaurant, TEÁOR’08: 5610 – Restaurant, mobile hospitality.

NTAK registration

From November 1, 2021, all catering units - which are required by law - must register in the NTAK system. The registration link: NTAK Sign up.

What data must be transmitted?

Broadly speaking, all traffic and order data that does not contain personal data. In more detail:

  • Daily traffic:
    • Traffic according to payment methods,
    • Number and type of orders,
  • Details of all orders:
    • Item-wise, the ordered products and their category, price, VAT percentage, quantity and unit of measure,
    • All accessories, toppings, side dishes, etc...
    • Order type, payment method, distribution of payment, tip,

Why do you need restaurant software?

We don't think we need to explain the lack of time. One There are a lot of things to do in the restaurant and, unfortunately, with this amendment to the law They put an even greater burden on restaurant owners. The good news is that a well-developed modern restaurant software can help.

But how? Simple! Since we enter dine in and delivery order into the software anyway, we enter all data and information necessary for the operation of the restaurant, so an automatic system only needs to sort out the pre-defined, mandatory data and send it to NTAK and it's already done.

Why use Orsys?

Our software was created in collaboration with restaurant owners to ensure that all functionality serves the right purpose: to facilitate, speed up and make restaurant processes transparent.

We briefly introduce some functions that will be useful in everyday life!

Dine in and counter orders

In our system, waiters can easily record the consumption of tables or items served at the counter.

Delivery orders

Dispatchers can take phone orders easily. Old customers already have saved addresses, so order recording is even faster. In addition to these, the system automatically reads FoodPanda, Wolt and Falatozz orders.

Remote access

Be anywhere in the world, you can easily check what's happening on your phone at any time. If you request, the system will send you a daily summary by e-mail, so that you don't miss anything.

Stock and food recipe

The recipes of all food and drinks can be entered, even with milliliter or gram accuracy, so you can easily calculate the usage of the ingredients. And the system notifies you when something is running low - thereby reducing the inconvenience caused by running out of raw materials.